Here at Amdatu we provide building blocks for modular applications as well as tools to abstract away from underlying cloud infrastructure. These are all based on an opinionated architecture that focusses on modular software design.

The navigation bar on the left provides convenient access to all parts of this website, where you can learn more about the philosophy and background of Amdatu, discover the different software components we maintain, and learn all about our community and how to participate. We distinguish between application and infrastructure components and both are explained below.


When building applications, we focus on a modular design which is key to create maintainable code. To implement modularity in Java, OSGi is the de facto standard and by far the richest environment to work with modules and services. We provide open source components and tools to make modular development of applications for enterprise, cloud, IoT and the web easy. On top of that we provide many resources to learn about modularity and OSGi.


When running applications in the cloud, we abstract away from vendor specifics by leveraging Docker and Kubernetes. Amdatu features a number of Kubernetes related components which can be used to run Kubernetes in production environments. The components vary from a fully featured blue-green deployment orchestration tool to a Kubernetes Go Client. The components are used by the commercial Cloud RTI offering, which is a fully managed Kuberetes based service. This ensures that the components are production tested and continuously improved.