It’s hard to read through a book on the principles of magic without glancing at the cover periodically to make sure it isn’t a book on software design. —Bruce Tognazzini.

Welcome to Amdatu! Amdatu is an open source project, which is aimed at offering an infrastructure for the development of scalable and resilient Cloud applications using dynamic modular services architectures. It is designed for distributed systems ranging from Cloud integration solutions up to massive IoT deployments. Read more on Amdatu here.

Latest news

3 Oct 2019 - Amdatu Blueprint Bari was released!

Following the blueprint naming scheme, the new blueprint release named “Bari” was released today. Along with the release, also a number of underlying and related projects were updated.

Amdatu Security: Updated the OpenID connector with some important fixes to improve the quality and reliability (AMDATUSEC-60 and AMDATUSEC-65).

Amdatu Herding: Improved the locking mechanisms to better support larger clustered configurations and optimised to logging implementation (AMDATUHERD-4, AMDATUHERD-5 and AMDATUHERD-6).

Amdaty Idea: Improved the test-support by offering test features in the IDE and identifying sources of itest projects as tests.

And last but not least we have updated the Amdatu build environments to use BND 4.2 and also a number of 3rd-party dependencies to stay current.

Check out the blueprint documentation to get started quickly.

5 Aug 2019 - Amdatu transitions from mailing lists to Slack

Ever since the beginning of the project, the Amdatu community used mailing lists for communication and collaboration. With the introduction of a project Wiki Amdatu wiki a different type of collaboration was introduced which resulted in a negligible level of traffic on the mailing lists. Therefore we have decided to transition away from mailing lists and only use Slack for direct commmunication. For that purpose we will use the existing Amdaty Slack channel.